Alcoholics Anonymous Of Livingston County, Michigan
 A.A. District 8, CMIA 32


Closed Meetings: All A.A. meetings are closed unless otherwise indicated. Attendance at a closed meeting is limited to only those with a desire to stop drinking. **If an A.A. has a friend or family member that is curious about how 12 step programs like A.A. work we encourage attendance at Al-Anon or Alateen meetings. These programs have been designed especially for family and friends of the alcoholic.


Open Meetings: Open A.A. meetings are open to anyone interested in learning more about A.A. Open meetings can be attended by members of any recovery group as well as family members, friends, students, professionals, and other non-members. These meetings generally consist of a short lead or a speaker. There are several open meetings within District 8 and they have been designated as such on the meeting list.


Handicap/Disability Accessibility: All known handicap/disability accessible meeting locations are designated with a "H" after the meeting name. This does not mean that other meeting locations without this symbol cannot accommodate handicapped/disabled individuals. If you see a mistake in our guide regarding handicap/disability accessibility please contact our webmaster so we can keep our meeting list up to date.


Smoking: Since most meeting locations such as churches, hospitals and other public facilities are non-smoking, please view all meetings as such, unless your own personal attendance finds otherwise. Some locations are equipped with a designated smoking area, however other locations like hospitals have strict "no smoking" policies. Please respect the policies of each location, by not smoking directly in front of building entrances, by utilizing the designated smoking area(s) and disposing of cigarette waste properly.