A Bachelor of Science in Law Can Lead to a Variety of Career Opportunities


Law is an organized body of rules that governs and protects human behavior. These rules are enforced by governmental and social institutions. While the precise definition of law is disputed, some think of it as a science and the art of justice. Whatever the case, the study of law can be an invaluable way to gain an understanding of how society works.

Interdisciplinary courses

Interdisciplinary courses in law can be challenging. Although the discipline of law is very broad, it is often difficult to understand and apply the principles of different fields of study. Some courses, such as Law of Religion, explore how law and religion intersect, and how these two disciplines raise ethical questions.

Legal studies

Legal studies prepares students for a range of legal careers. Students gain experience writing legal briefs and analyzing complex arguments. They also develop an appreciation of the history of the US Constitution and its impact on American life. They learn about how law has evolved over time and how it relates to other social phenomena, such as health and government.

Constitutional law

Constitutional law is an important field that focuses on the principles of government and the rights of individuals. It is the foundation for other substantive and procedural laws.

Private law

Private law is the area of law that governs relationships between people, as opposed to public law. It includes torts and contracts, as well as many areas of civil law and non-criminal law.

Comparative law

Comparative law is a method that examines the laws of different countries. Often, the laws of different jurisdictions are very different from one another. These differences may be sharp, or they may be quite similar. As a result, comparative law can be divided into two broad categories.

Social science courses

A degree in Social Science can lead to a diverse range of career opportunities. Social scientists often work in fields where specialized skills are in-demand. For example, in the business world, computational social science skills are in demand.

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