Articles on Law and Politics


Articles on law include descriptions of legal training and general background, a description of the relationship between law and political systems, and discussions of how law affects social issues. Articles also discuss the relationship between law and the social sciences. Canon law, Islamic law, Jewish law, and other systems of law are described. In addition, some articles examine the relationship between law and the arts and sciences.

Rule of law

The Rule of Law is a political philosophy that holds all leaders and institutions accountable to the same laws. The concept has a wide range of implications. In the most basic terms, it means that all citizens must be held to the same standards of law.


The legality of law has a variety of philosophical and practical significance. The concept has been used to analyze the institutional features of various legal systems, and it has been claimed to help explain the moral legitimacy of decisions made by the courts. It is also useful in analyzing why certain moral issues are not covered by the law.


Coherence is an important concept in the study of law. It is used to define the logical consistency of a system. Similarly, in CLS, coherence is a notion relating to the notion of “correct” decisions. As such, coherence is a concept that requires a specific method of observation.


The standard of goodness is God, and anything that approximates God is good. Hence, the law of good conduct includes being good, virtuous, and kind. Goodness, in other words, is a quality to be cultivated and practiced.


Students of law and politics can benefit from the study of humanities. The Corpus Juris series explores the relevance of the humanities to the study of law and politics. Issues in history, religion, and anthropology are studied in this series.

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