The Different Types of News


News has evolved over the centuries to tell stories and inform people of important events. Some stories have a factual basis while others are influenced by the journalist’s personal agenda. This article will explore the difference between factual and sensational news. It will help you decide which type of news is right for you. Here are some of the main types of news.

Stories that are relevant to current events

One way to make a story relevant to current events is to tie it to an event or problem occurring in the community. For example, a celebrity could support a new drug treatment for a rare disease or a new cure for a birth defect. Or a famous rock star could promote human rights or aid to developing nations. The topic can also be local, such as drug dealing in a housing project or poorly investigated burglaries.

Another popular way to make a story more relevant to current events is to tie it to an anniversary event. For example, a story related to the fifth anniversary of the September 11 terrorist attacks will be published every year for at least the next five years. Similarly, a story about the first atomic bomb test in Alamogordo, New Mexico, might be published on the 50th anniversary of the bombing. Another good idea is to tie a story to an organization. For example, a story about a wheelchair-bound man overcoming architectural barriers may be relevant to a community organization.

Stories that are influenced by the journalist’s own agenda

Most journalists self-report their political affiliation, and most of them are on the left. This means that their stories may have a biased perspective. Rather than reporting objectively, they may impose their agenda or personal preferences. The media can have a strong influence over how news is interpreted and reported.

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