Types of News in India


There are many types of news, and the news of a city is no exception. In fact, a plethora of news sources are available to the public, including newspapers, radio stations, TV stations, and blogs. Even local blogs and new media are expanding, as is the capacity of local news aggregators. These sites combine this mixed universe into one online destination. In addition to New York, this type of service is popping up in other cities as well.

Content of news

What is the content of news? In traditional media, news content is edited and tailored to suit the public’s interests. The writers and editors of news sites create and curate the content, but the content of news stories is not always the product of reputable sources. Self-broadcasting has resulted in a proliferation of primary sources and the spreading of misinformation. In contrast, news stories in digital media are not necessarily filtered to be relevant to the general public.

Sources of news

One of the best sources of news today is government, with its ministries, offices, and officials issuing press releases and holding press conferences. In addition, all courts are news sources, reporting important court cases and judgments. Newspapers and television are also good news sources, and reporters often follow tips from accident victims. The following are some examples of news sources in India. Listed below are some of the most common. Read on to learn more about these news sources.

Rules for judging newsworthiness

The definition of news depends on what happened recently. Generally, a story must meet two or more of the five criteria. For example, a report about the first female student body president at a college was not newsworthy, but an article about the life of a child prodigy was. This article was newsworthy, the court reasoned, because it related to the child prodigy’s fame and drew a large audience.

Impact of news on society

The sociology of news gives us a personal and comprehensive look at the present day news media. It examines how news shapes our society and politics. Michael Schudson treats the impact of news on popular opinion and research, while also examining journalists’ self-understanding. His work is an important contribution to the sociology of news. A review of the sociology of news suggests that it is a must-read for anyone interested in the current state of the media and its effect on society.

Influence of media on public perceptions

Many of us can be influenced by the media, from gossip to celebrity relations. We can make a decision about what we believe because information is spread in a matter of seconds. The media can also pressurize society and even control its behaviors at times. Depending on the type of information, people can form very different opinions about a subject. But, in general, media does affect public perception. Here are some of the main factors that impact how we perceive certain things.

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