What Is News?


News is the information about events that occur in a society. It can be delivered verbally or in writing. It is important for public opinion because it influences the way people think. It can spread communalism on one hand and preach nationalism on the other. It can also be used as an instrument for development. News is also a source of entertainment and is often talked about in a humorous way. The news carries various facts that influence the audience and it is up to the journalists to decide which points should be highlighted. They follow a set of guidelines that help them to shape the news. These guidelines are based on research, experience and the audience reaction to the news.

It is important to know your target audience and to understand what they are interested in. You can find this out by asking them or doing market research. Once you know what your audience is interested in, you can create news articles that appeal to them. It is also helpful to write a headline that will capture their attention and keep them reading.

The definition of news is changing all the time. Some people say that any information that is new and significant is news. Others say that news should be unbiased and fair, while others believe that it should contain only what is of practical value.

In the past, it was considered that only those things that occurred recently were news. However, now we see that a story can be news even if it happened days or weeks before. For example, if an event was known about at the time but did not receive much publicity, it may become news when it is revealed to a larger audience.

Some of the most common news items include:

Crime: Murder, robbery, burglary and other serious crimes generate much interest. However, it is not only the severity of the crime that makes it newsworthy, but also how unusual or unique the incident is.

Controversy: People are interested in anything that is controversial or involves a dispute. This can be anything from a feud between two celebrities to a political scandal.

Emotion: Human interest stories are always good news because they evoke emotions in people. These can be stories about a person’s plight, a disaster or a tragedy.

Education: Educational news is of interest to many people because it can be related to their lives. This can include information about schools, colleges and universities. It can also include new advances in technology or the success of a school sports team.

The news should be presented clearly and picturesquely so that the reader or listener can comprehend it. It is also important to remember that the main purpose of the news media is to educate and entertain. This is why there are music and drama programs on radio and comics and crosswords in newspapers. These are not the only ways to entertain but they should be the last resort.

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